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Tiddly Winkers after-school club

If you would like to register for our after-school care service for this term, please complete the form below and payment will be through My Child at School half-termly in advance. Refunds are only given in exceptional circumstances.

The club is held in the small hall from 15:15pm – 17:45 and the children receive a drink, homemade biscuit; and a light snack of sandwiches and fruit for the later pick-ups.

Please collect your children from the small hall at the door to the left-hand side of the school car park. Please refrain from using the staff car park before 16:30pm

Our aim is to provide a high quality after-school session for working families to allow you greater flexibility for picking up at the end of the day. We hope the children will enjoy the activities planned and have some fun with our members of support staff.